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With just your PAN, you can get all your data pre-filled in a few clicks and avoid any manual entries. Get 1000s of capital gains transactions imported in seconds.

Maximum tax savings

Get expert advice and tax-saving tips beyond Section 80C. Save up to Rs 46,800 and grow your wealth.


No deadline misses. No late fees. Our platform is always up-to-date and accurate. Over 80 in-house tax experts build and test our products.

File your ITR in just 3 minutes
with our DIY plans

100% pre-fill

Get your data pre-filled entirely with just your PAN

Upload multiple Form 16s

Simply drag and drop as many Form 16s seamlessly

Capital gains transactions

Import 1000s of capital gains transactions in seconds

Save up to Rs 46,800,
invest in expert-curated funds

Grow your wealth

Invest in funds that save AND grow your savings

Funds for every goal

Expert-curated A-grade funds to meet your investment horizon

Flexible lock-in

For 1 to 5-year duration, pay monthly or one-time

Expert-assisted plans to
help you file seamlessly

Starting your own company?

From company incorporation to GSTIN registration

Freelancer, trader or foreign income?

Expert assisted tax filing for anything complicated

Registering with governments?

Trademarks, PF, food licenses, anything

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Filing ITR on the go

File your tax returns from your phonee

Upload your documents and file your return in just 3 minutes without opening your laptop

Invest and save up to Rs 46,800

Select funds curated by experts for every goal and choice of premium payment

Get expert assistance

Choose from our one-on-one expert-assistance services for filing complex returns to incorporating your company

Your data is secure,
privacy is assured

We take your data very seriously. Right from data transmission to storage, we ensure encryption and strictest privacy protocols.


We are 128-bit SSL certified and SOC 2 complaint which means your data reaches our servers safely.


We use ISO 27001 certified data centers, which are quarterly VAPT tested and externally audited.


We do not share your data with unaffiliated third parties for their own purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount I can save in taxes?

You can invest in tax-saving instruments such as ELSS, PPF, NSC, ULIP, and NPS and also save tax on your payments for health insurance. You can save tax up to Rs 46,800 per financial year in the highest tax slab.

Is 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据)’s e-filing platform updated with the latest tax changes?

乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据)’s e-filing platform is updated for the latest tax rates and slabs to ensure smooth calculation of tax and income tax refunds if any.

How much should I invest in mutual fund ELSS to save tax?

You can invest up to Rs 1.5 lakh in ELSS per financial year for tax saving purposes.

What is the lock-in period for ELSS tax savings?

The lock-in period for the ELSS tax saver mutual fund is three years from the date of investment. In the case of monthly SIP investments, the period gets calculated separately for each monthly SIP investment.

Can I avail customised expert assistance for e-filing ITR and tax savings?

乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) provides over 200 expert services you can choose from for e-filing ITR. You can also avail customised plans for tax savings.

How can I structure to maximise my tax savings investments?

乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据)’s ClearInvest platform lets you choose from different tax-saving options and grow your investments. Our experts provide curated A-grade funds for your every investment goal.

Can a freelancer file tax returns with 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据)?

A freelancer can submit the details of their income, expenses, and investments to file their tax returns. Upload your Form 26AS, and 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) will auto-populate the TDS data for a smooth and hassle-free filing.

Can an enterprise obtain corporate registration and legal services from 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据)?

乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) provides corporate registration, other government registrations, legal registration, and compliance services. Our services to business enterprises are listed here.

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