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What is GSTIN?

A GSTIN is a unique Goods and Services Tax (GST) identification number or GST number, which is assigned to every taxpayer registered under GST. It comprises 15-digit alpha-numerics which is based on the business entity’s PAN. As a GST-registered dealer, or you may want to verify a GSTIN, before you enter it in your GST returns. As a consumer, you may wish to find out the authenticity of a GSTIN.

A taxpayer’s GSTIN is public information. Any person can carry out a GSTIN search in order to verify its authenticity. Thanks to modern-day technology, one can verify a GSTIN with a click of a button, from anywhere, at any time by using an instant GST number search tool . It is important to undertake GSTIN verification before proceeding with a business deal.

Use the 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) GSTIN Number Search by Name tool and verify any GSTIN by simply entering the name of the business!

How does the GSTIN Number Search by Name work?

The 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) GSTIN Number Search by Name tool helps businesses and consumers verify any GSTIN with a single-click. All a user has to do is enter the name of the business entity and the details will be displayed immediately. This feature can be used by anyone and any time, free of cost, provided they have the name of the relevant business entity.

How to use the 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) GSTIN Number Search by Name?

All you have to do is-
  1. Enter the name of a business entity
  2. Click on “Search” button
If the name entered belong to a registered entity under GST, then the details that can be verified are-
  • The legal name of the business
  • The State
  • THe date of registration
  • The constitution of the business – company, sole-proprietorship or partnership
  • The taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • The GSTIN status / UIN status

Advantages of the GSTIN Number Search by Name tool:

The advantages of verifying a GSTIN using the 乐兔电竞积分查询官方(乐兔电竞手游数据) GSTIN Number Search by Name tool are:
  • Any GSTIN’s authenticity can be verified just by name
  • If the GSTIN on a hand-written invoice is unclear, the vendor’s name can be entered to display the GSTIN
  • Your can prevent your business from associating with fraudulent vendors using fake GSTINs
  • As a consumer, you can verify if the business charging you GST is an actual registered supplier under GST
  • Avoid a GSTIN fraud
  • Help your business rectify any potential errors while reporting GSTINs

GST Identification Number Format

GSTIN or GST Identification Number Format

GSTIN structure comprises

  • First 2 numbers → State code of the registered person
  • Next 10 characters → PAN of the registered person
  • Next number→ Entity number of the same PAN
  • Next character → Alphabet Z by default
  • Last number → Check code which may be alpha or digit, used for detection of errors